who we are

Emmanuel Private School was started in January 1996 with the aim of providing quality Christian education in the Vaal Triangle. Our overall learner numbers fluctuate around the 200 mark and we have a fulltime staff complement of 42.

Incorporated into Emmanuel Private School is the Nursery School (previously called The Little Sparrow Nursery School). This nursery school has been operational since 1976.

The school is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education and our core business is the education of learners from Grade R to Grade 12 (EMIS Number: 330117)

Our main focus is on excellence in both academics and the character development of our learners. The academic programme aims at developing both learning skills and mastery of content. Development of our learners’ character is highly valued and planned for.

We follow the RNCS (GETC and FETC) using the LTSMS from Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), and IT curriculum from IT School Innovation and Computers for Kids.

Accelerated Christian Education is a provider and developer of individualized, Biblical, educational curriculum and school administration material, expertise and support for the establishment, maintenance and growth of Christian schools in Africa and Scandinavia. The curriculum is an individualized self-paced, Biblically based learning system. Students embark on a journey of self-learning and goal setting as they work through each Package of Accelerated Christian Education. This educational system has been widely accepted by universities and other academic institutions around the world and is registered with the local departments of education.

Our school has always been a multi-racial school and aims to be accessible to all of our community members.

As a school our vision is:

"To impact the world by educating Christian leaders through Biblical Standards."