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Emmanuel Private school has built a reputation of providing an excellent academic programme over the last 22 years. We achieved this through the education system provided by Accelerated Education Enterprises (AEE). This system of education has proven to be a compelling solution to the serious challenges currently faced in South Africa and many developing countries.

Our primary school learners received sterling results in writing the Annual National Assessments for Level 3 and 6 in the years we were required to take this external benchmark assessment of the Department of Education. Among our High School graduates are many bursary recipients and Golden Key members at tertiary institutions in a variety of faculties and academic disciplines. Our graduates entered diverse fields such as law, commerce, journalism, engineering, architecture and ministry to mention but a few and we are very proud of our alumni who continue to live the values of our school wherever they find themselves today.

Our approach to academics at EPS is always aimed at the individual learner and each learner is diagnosed upon entry into the school, after which a personalised academic projection is followed for every child. Not only are our learners exposed to academic content, but the development of academic skills such as goal setting and time management are an integral part of learning from Level 1-12. Our classes are integrated with a variety of time-tested academic methodologies and modern methods of teaching, in order to develop each learner’s full potential. After 20 years of offering education to our community using this method, on a programme that has been refined since its inception over 40 years ago in the USA, we are confident of the success rate in our learners’ lives.

Learner support is provided in the learning centre by our qualified teachers, as well as through a school-based support team. The school also works closely with external specialists in our community such as occupational therapists and educational psychologists, according to learner needs.

Learning is always rewarded at EPS and motivating our learners is key to achieving results. Rewards and motivation are built into the daily programme and learners thrive on our incentive programme. A loving discipline system is maintained through Biblical principles and discipline is viewed as a corrective measure to guide learners towards improved outcomes, when necessary.

The medium of instruction is English and Afrikaans is offered as a First Additional language. Conversational Zulu is offered to Foundation Phase learners.