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Technology is integrated into all levels from Preschool to Level 12 and learners are age appropriately exposed to using technology for academic purposes. For younger learners screen time limits are adhered to and technology is never used at the cost of developmental milestones. Programmes are practical and simulate the future workplace, where technology skills are integrated with daily life and used to enhance a greater goal.

The following IT computer programmes are available:

  • Computers 4 Kids (Grade R to Level 6) The Computers 4 Kids Integrated ICT Curriculum provides relevant integrated ICT lessons which develop cognitive as well as ICT skills with the emphasis on using the computer to learn.
  • Future Kids (Level 7 to 12) This learning programme offers age-appropriate ICT modules and online exam modules. The aim is computer fluency- the ability to use the computer as a problem-solving, communications and productivity tool.
  • AEE Learncloud lessons enhance workbook activities and make homework easy and interesting for all learners from Level 1-12. High School learners have access to a multitude of lessons via classroom tablets, whilst primary school learners are exposed to these lessons according to their teachers’ discretion. Learners in the high school are provided with their own log in details in order to enable them to login from home for homework assistance.