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Emmanuel Private School has been serving our community for more than 20 years by providing truly individualised education to our learners. We believe that every child is unique, and that God has a personal plan and purpose for each child’s life. We therefore strive to develop each learner individually in both their academic and spiritual goals. The school values international opportunities for our learners. We aim at making these available through participation in the All-Africa Student Convention (AASC) and by offering an international learning programme, that complies with local, national requirements.

We achieve the above through the education system provided by Accelerated Education Enterprises (AEE). This system of education provides a compelling solution to the serious challenges currently faced in South Africa and many developing countries. It includes a Personalised System of Instruction according to individualised projections and an intimate classroom setting. Small classes ensure that learners develop to their full potential under the care of loving and qualified teachers. The teacher- learner ratio for all classes from Level 1-12 is 1:20, together with a trained class assistant for each of these groups. Our staff members are handpicked based on suitable qualifications and according to principles of Christian education, the Department of Education standards as well as those of AEE.

Attention is paid to developing learners holistically through academic, spiritual and physical training.

Development of our learners’ character is highly valued and planned for. Our school places much emphasis on community responsibility. All learners at EPS participate in age-appropriate community outreaches.

Our school has always been a multi-racial school and aims to be accessible to all of our community members.

Parental involvement and commitment play an important role in our school, and we are proud to share the journey of raising the next generation together with a group of positive and dedicated parents. Termly Parent Teacher Conferences are held to discuss each child’s academic and spiritual progress. Parental guidance and support are provided throughout the term, according to each individual learner’s needs. Our school has a rich history of parents with a heart for the community and a vision to assist the school in creating the best possible environment for all our learners both physically and spiritually.

Aftercare services are available for Level 1-7 learners. Our Aftercare staff work very hard to create a homely atmosphere with plenty of stimulating activities for our Aftercare learners. Learners receive a nutritious, hot meal and an afternoon snack and attend a supervised homework class. Afternoon activities are planned by the staff and include board games, group games and “Friday Fun” days.

Aftercare is available from Monday through Friday, directly after school to 17:15,