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The first two years of High School (Level 8-9) serve to consolidate the knowledge learners obtained in primary school and a solid foundation is created for the FET phase (Level 10-12). At the end of level 9 work, learners apply to AEE for an approved academic projection for the FET phase.

Our committed staff journey with parents and learners to discover the unique talents and strengths of each individual in their teenage years. Staff members assist parents and learners with selecting and applying for a suitable FET course and subjects, according to each individual’s strengths and future dreams. Learners have the opportunity to choose individual subjects and are not limited to a group of subjects, due to timetable restraints. Our High School teachers keep close contact with parents and learners to ensure that learners are thoroughly supported throughout this process.

After this, our School Support Team reviews each FET application for approval, prior to submission of the application to AEE for final approval. This process ensures that our learners are able to confidently enter their FET years, with a clear sense of direction, as they prepare towards exiting school and entering tertiary studies or the workplace.

Life Orientation during these two years, focuses on the world beyond the local community. When learners enter Level 8 they receive a “World Changers” badge to remind them of their calling to change the world according to Biblical principles. We journey with our teenagers towards finding their place in this world and towards establishing a healthy and Godly world view.

In order to exit High School successfully, learners have to work towards this goal by covering the learning content for Level 10, 11 and 12 with a specific exit goal in mind. Learners exit by pursuing one of the following courses of study:

  • Cambridge International Education Certificate –AS Level (NQF level 4)
  • IEB- National Senior Certificate through AEE and Hatfield Online College (NQF level 4)
  • ACE level 12 and subsequent completion of the General Education Diploma (NQF level 4, recommended for non- university candidates)


  • All Level 12 Learners are also required to complete the NBT bench mark test and have the option of writing the SAT .

Learners who wish to enter South African tertiary education institutions apply via an approved tertiary liaison link from AEE. Learners may personally apply to international universities by submitting their SAT scores and their relevant NQF 4 certificate.

Socially and spiritually, the focus remains on developing healthy social structures and a sound Biblical world view. Learners are continuously encouraged during these academically challenging years to maintain a healthy balance between academic work, physical exercise, relaxation and socialisation.

During this phase, learners also develop a personal portfolio with a CV and supporting documents in order to prepare them for applying to tertiary institutions, bursary donors and for employment.