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The school community of EPS views community responsibility as a vital part of developing good citizenship and a healthy Christian lifestyle.

The school drafts a community outreach plan annually in which learners participate. Staff and parents are encouraged to participate in making these projects successful.

We collaborate with One Way Community Services (OWCS) and King’s Way Educational Initiatives (KEI) to make a difference in our local community and beyond in the following ways:

  • Annual food drives for local charities and Nelson Mandela Day projects are two examples of support given to organisations who provides services to the underprivileged in the Vaal Triangle.
  • As a part of the Life Orientation programme younger learners visit homes for the aged and the police station to give small gifts.
  • Our High School learners have the opportunity to join mission trips to Venda every three years as part of their annual Life Orientation Camp. This camp affords learners the opportunity to visit a different part of the country, to visit the Kruger National Park and to understand life in rural South Africa.
  • Pioneer Tutoring Centre is an ongoing project with OWCS where we train volunteers as tutors to assist children at Youth Care Centres on a weekly basis to improve their academic knowledge. Children in these centres come from unstable backgrounds that affected their ability to perform according to their full potential and together we can make a difference in their lives. Contact us, if you wish to sign up as a volunteer tutor (Gr12 required), or to donate towards this worthy cause. These Youth Care Centres are:
    • Ikageng CYCC- Child and Youth Care Centre for abandoned boys
    • Khanya Khaya CYCC- Child and Youth Care Centre for abandoned girls
  • Crayons of Hope is an annual whole school project. We raise funds for mission preschools using the ACE curriculum in Western Zambia to support the work of KEI (King’s Way Educational Initiatives). This project serves the purpose of connecting our learners to our continent and its people.

Mission trips to Western Zambia are available to parents, staff and High School learners through KEI.