Emmanuel Private School

Academics > Foundation Phase

In the foundation phase our focus is on the development of solid reading skills, correct formation of handwriting and concrete Mathematical concepts. Much time is devoted to the development of a solid foundation in Mathematics and learners do not progress to more diverse calculations, unless they are competent in the basic foundational concepts. This ensures greater confidence in Mathematics.

Our learners learn to read on the “ABCs learning to read programme” in Level 1. After completion of the phonics programme, each learner progresses to their own individual academic projection. The focus remains on establishing a firm foundation for learning through concentrating on reading, writing and arithmetic concepts, which will form the basis of all future learning.

Careful attention is paid to ensuring that all developmental milestones have been reached for each individual before introducing abstract concepts. This is vital to future academic success.

In Life Skills, lessons are based on self- discovery, according to God’s love for each learner and an appreciation of the learner’s family and immediate surroundings is fostered.

At EPS learners are introduced to academic skills and not merely academic content. Foundation phase learners start learning goal setting and time management from as early as Level 1.